Monthly Archives: October 2013

Spider captures wasp (in my lab!)

Earlier today I heard a loud buzzing noise in my lab here at the Turkana Basin Institute in northern Kenya. There are a number of wasps who make their home in the lab. These wasps construct nests from mud, which they then stock with paralyzed caterpillars or spiders as food for their larvae. Today however, […]

Golden Ground-nesting Bee!

In keeping with the theme of where bees nest… A few weeks ago walking back in the evening from a day of looking at bees on farms, I noticed something sparkle on the path.   Peering closer I discovered that it was a beautiful Seladonia bee and I wondered what she was doing out so […]

A bee that spins it’s nest!

On a recent visit to Kakamega Forest in Western Kenya I noticed one of my favourite bees (a bee called Pseudoanthidium, also known as Carder Bees for their nesting habits) buzzing about near the windows. It was flying back and forth from the edge of the forest. This pretty bee is marked in black and […]