Monthly Archives: July 2013

Bees pollinating cucumbers in Turkana

Hello – greetings from Turkana in Northern Kenya… Up here checking in on my lab at the Turkana Basin Institute and spent half a day looking at bees pollinating the cucumbers being cultivated at the institute. Cucumbers are one of my favourite salad items and make a refreshing snack up here in the desert at […]

Kerio Valley Bees (and a fly)

Hello – just spent a lovely day looking at bees in the Kerio Valley (one of my favourite parts of the world!). An extension of the Great Rift Valley in northwestern Kenya, the Kerio Valley is a beautiful and diverse landscape that is especially rich in bees. The Kerio Valley is also home to a […]

Pollinator Breakfast…

Hello – Pollinators are responsible for about ONE IN THREE bites of food that we consume. Some two-thirds of all flowering plants on the planet are dependent on pollinators, most of them are wild insects and many of those are bees. Here’s the contribution of pollinators to my breakfast yesterday: I had a bowl of […]

Bees and Butterflies in the Pugu Hills, Tanzania

Dear All I recently went hiking in the Pugu Hills which are near the port city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. These hills contain some precious fragments of forests that once covered most of the East African coastal areas. However, today only tiny patches of forest remain. These forests are home to a lot […]