Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmas Moth Surprise!

Dear All – I was lucky to spend xmas with my parents in the forest. As I walked back from a small chapel at the edge of the rainforest in Western Kenya after a Christmas carol service, I noticed something large flapping about in the bushes by the path… At first it looked like a […]

Xmas orchid!

Dear All, Was just walking through a forest in Nandi Hills where I came across this little green person clinging to a moss-covered tree. At first I walked by, then noticed the flowering spike and peered in for a closer look. Using a hand-lens loop magnifying glass, I saw that they tiny flowers of this […]


Dear All, I recently visited a project at Lake Bogoria that showed how important honeybees are in East Africa. Beekeepers keep honeybees here and this helps provided a livelihood for them in what is a dry and remote area… The beekeepers at this site use a traditional log hive. This keeps the bees cool in […]


I recently went on a walk in a forest in Western Kenya and stumbled into these remarkable beasts. Ants may be tiny, but they swarm in large armies and are also armed with some impressive weapons in the form of ‘jaws’ (mandibles) that can inflict a lot of damage quickly… Among the most impressive jaws […]