Monthly Archives: August 2010

A Deadly Plant

One of the most interesting creatures that I’ve come across so far in Borneo is actually a little green person – an amazing carnivorous plant. This is a Pitcher Plant, of which there are many different species in Borneo. The name is very apt, as the tips of the leaves are extended into these incredible […]

Borneo bugs!

Dear All, Hello – many greetings from Borneo, where I have been for the last couple of weeks. The forests, rivers and mountains here are simply amazing and home to an incredible array of species. The insects in particular are very striking and wonderful. Among the most dramatic of the insects were these Lantern Bugs […]

Flower or bugs?

Hi – another snippet from the rainforest. Walking back along one of the trails, I spotted this interesting cluster of ‘buds’ – that are actually a group of bugs that mimic flowers. Each of the ‘buds’ is actually a separate individual insect! Together they make up one of the most intriguing examples with some individuals […]

Stingless Bees, Ant and Scales!

Dear All – Hello many greetings and thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I was just in the Kakamega forest where I spent part of the day climbing Lirhanda Hill. At the top of the hill as I paused to catch my breath and cool down in the shade of a Combretum tree, I […]