Monthly Archives: May 2010

Silverspot spotted!

Dear All Just a quick note to share some photos of a very interesting butterfly. This is a Hutchinson’s Silverspot – I found it a couple of days ago flitting about some acacias. They fly very very fast and only after several attempts was I able to sneak close enough for a few seconds and […]

Strange bedfellows

Dear All – Hello – thanks for the kind comments and glad that the bee photos were of interest. Here is another picture showing two of the bees that were feeding on the flowers sleeping. Bees often sleep in small aggregations – especially the males. However, in this instance I found two different species sharing […]

More clever bees!

More from the lush, flowering bush of Laikipia. In this particular flower, that I photographed the Amegilla bee on, the flowers are clustered along the stems of the plant, and have an interesting shape – tubular with a slight kink in the tube that is formed by the petals. This design is in place no […]

Clever bees!

Dear All – greetings from the flowering bush in northern Kenya. I’ve just been looking at some interesting bees and other insects visiting a delicate flowering herb (Orthosiphon) that has come up after the rains. It grows in the dappled shade of acacia trees and forms a dense tangle of pale lilac flowers borne on […]

Two spotted ‘bugs’

Dear All – more from the amazing trip to Tsavo. Just as we were leaving Tsavo West we met these two spotted ‘bugs’ along the road!

Flowering Tsavo!

Flowering Tsavo Hello – have just been visiting Tsavo. We were based at Camp Tsavo (which used to be called the Taita Discovery Centre). It is an amazing location – a former cattle ranch nestled between Tsavo East and Mt Kasigau. It is a fantastic place to be based for anyone wanting to explore a […]