Monthly Archives: April 2010

Kasigau jewels

Hello – just back from Tsavo and Mt Kasigau – the whole place is green and full of flowers thanks to the rains. Found two amazing butterflies on Mt Kasigau. The butterfly above is an Iolaus, one of Kenya’s most striking butterflies that lives in forests and lays its eggs on misteltoes – parasites of […]

Master of the air!

Dear All – thanks for the kind comments, especially from Brenton, Will, Barbara and Hannah. Here are some more insect pictures from the Kerio Valley – with the rains, the rivers and lakes are full again and there are lots of dragonflies about. Managed to snap these pictures of one dramatic Red Emperor on the […]

Thank you for the mangoes!

Dear All – here are some pictures to share of some very important and yet overlooked insects. Mangoes are one of the most delicious and widely grown tropical fruits. In Kenya we are very lucky to have lots of mangoes available at the moment – absolutely luscious and so tasty. As we all enjoy our […]

Beautiful bee!

Dear All – sorry have been travelling with limited net access. Here is a lovely leaf-cutter bee from northern Kenya – more soon!