Monthly Archives: March 2010

Long-legged Fly!

Dear All – thanks for your kind comments and continued interest in insects. Have been in the rainforest for a couple of days. On one of the trails I spotted this amazing Long-legged fly patrolling a leafy lane. These flies are predators who hunt other small insects on the wing in the forest… There were […]

Can you spot the interloper?

Dear All More from my travels in the bush. At a spiny succulent euphorbia in Laikipia the other day I was looking at some Groove-winged Flower Beetles. These are tiny beetles who feed on flowers, often in groups. Here are a couple pictures of the beetles – and what I took to be a happily […]

Happy bees in northern Kenya!

Dear All – thanks for the kind comments. The rains we have had in Kenya have meant that a lot of bees are out and about pollinating. On a recent visit to Mt Nyiru, I managed to photograph some very interesting bees visiting the flowers of a succulent tree euphorbia… Here are some of the […]

Butterfly from Baringo

Hello – I just received this picture taken near Lake Baringo by Moses Kandie who is a guide there. Thanks Moses for sending the picture. This is a Citrus Swallowtail (Papilio demodocus) – they are very common at the moment all over Kenya due to the rains. The flowers that it is feeding from are […]