Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hawkmoth heaven!

With recent rains on the plains, the bush has sprung back to life and there are flowers and insects everywhere. On a recent evening walk I noticed a lot of hawkmoths whirring about a flowering Turraea bush. They were feeding on the nectar with their long tongues – the proboscis – which can be uncoiled […]

Butterfly duos and trios (and more!)

Dear All Greetings from the sunny plains and bush of Laikipia – have been working here on insects for a week. There were a couple days of heavy unseasonal rains here (it is supposed to be the middle of the dry season, whatever that means anymore), and it seems to have produced an outburst of […]

The Rainbow Shield Bug

Dear All – just back in email contact after many travels across Kenya. Was recently at Lake Turkana in northern Kenya (one of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited)… More on that soon. Found this colourful Rainbow Shield Bug hanging out on some bushes – they feed by piercing seeds with their mouthparts and […]