Monthly Archives: December 2009

Ant nanny!

Dear All – Thanks for the kind comments and sparing a moment to consider the world of insects.   Here is a another snippet from the rainforest. Climbed a hill on Christmas day so that I could telephone friends and family and wish them well. On the way down I noticed large black ants clambering […]

The Ruby and the Sapphire…

Dear All,  Hello – greetings from the rainforest. I was very lucky to spend the xmas holidays in the Kakamega forest in Western Kenya. After a dry spell, the rains arrived with a vengeance and it rained and rained and rained. This was simply wonderful and I truly hope that it heralds a good year […]


Dear All – thanks for your kind comments and reading of this blog over the past year and look forward to sharing more about the world of insects in 2010. Here is a sketch of some thorns that ants live in on the whistling thorn acacia. These are from my recent trip to Laikipia north […]

Happy bees…

Dear All   Greetings from Western Kenya and many thanks to Rebecca and Dana for the kind comments. I feel very honoured that there are people out there who read this blog and care about the little creatures of the world! Just back from the Nandi Hills, and was in the Kerio Valley and West […]

A fungus with eyes!

The Fungus with ‘eyes’….   A couple of weeks ago in northern Kenya I was out in the bush one morning poking through a pile of rhino dung. Black rhinos deposit their dung in large middens at regular intervals. This serves as an olfactory calling card to other rhinos in the area. It is also […]

Carpenter bee…

Dear All – sorry for not posting more often. Have been on the road with limited access to the internet. Here is a picture of a carpenter bee visiting some Thunbergia flowers in the evening light. These are one of the bees tha often feed late in the day even well into the dusk…More about […]