Monthly Archives: October 2009

Bees in the news

Bees in the news   Dear All – here are a couple of links that might be of interest. Bees have been in the news over the last couple of days.   Newsweek has an article about the effect of bees disappearing on agriculture.   Here is the link to it:   And […]

Blog Action Day – Climate Change!

Dear All – thanks for the kind comments – only just saw them!   Will post a link to the BBC piece asap.   On a separate note, today is Blog Action Day and the topic of focus is climate change. As I write this it is raining outside (unusual that its before 7 am) […]


Dear All – many thanks for the kind comments and I will respond to some of the questions soon. I just found and photographed the most incredible ‘creepy-crawlies’ in my house this evening.     As I was brushing my teeth, I noticed someone watching me quietly from the corner. The area around my sink […]

Ants in the dust…

Ants in the dust…   The drought continues here on the plains. Today at midday I stopped by the harvester ant nest to check on how they were doing. While most of the other animals were resting almost comatose in the shade due to the burning heat, the ants were hard at work.     […]

Primeval bugs…

Hello – many thanks to Dana and Uwe for the kind comments.Here are a couple of insects from one of the most amazing habitats in East Africa – the alkaline lakes in the Rift Valley. These lakes are fed by volcanic activity and steamy, alkaline pools that support large flocks of flamingoes. But it is […]

More butterfly eyes!

Dear AllSorry for not posting more – have been travelling – lots to share, just working on getting it all sorted. In the mean time here are some more close-ups of butterfly eyes – enjoy – the Emperor Butterflies below are particularly striking! The first one is a close-up of the Green-Veined Emperor, and the […]