Monthly Archives: August 2009

Meet the Butterflion!!

Hello!I’ve been meaning to share what I’ve been up to over the past few days. I have been painting a lion for the Pride of Kenya event, which is being organised by the Born Free foundation to raise awareness about the plight of Kenya’s lions and the need for their conservation.Of course as an insect-lover […]

Big female, tiny male…

Big female, tiny male! On a recent walk through one of the coastal forests I came across this amazing example of ‘sexual dimorphism’. This is where there are striking differences in size, shape, colour and other features between males and females of the same species. In this case it is a striking example of size-based […]

Wasp menage-a-trois

The battle of the sexes has been taken to extreme in many insects. Males and females engage in all sorts of strategies and schemes to manipulate the opposite sex in the insect world. Sometimes females have to fend off amourous males. This is what I found a couple of mornings ago when I noticed a […]

Ant and caterpillar battle…

The Ant and the Caterpillar   On a recent trip to the Kenyan coast I was wandering down a path and noticed a bright purple blob ambling along beside me. I looked down and admired the plump, brightly coloured caterpillar wondering what butterfly or moth it might eventually turn into.       As I […]

Mites on a fly…

There is a poem by Jonathan Swift (1733) that goes:  So, naturalists observe, a flea   Hath smaller fleas that on him prey;   And these have smaller still to bite ’em,   And so proceed ad infinitum.   Thus, every poet, in his kind, Is bit by him that comes behind.Which has been recently […]