Monthly Archives: June 2009

Vanishing bees?

Hello – here is a response to the recent question about the disappearance of honeybees in Europe and North America. This phenomenon has been called Colony Collapse Disorder, also known as CCD, is a mysterious and widespread phenomenon of the sudden disappearance of entire colonies of honeybees from their hives and the environment.   CAUSES […]

“One in three bites of food…”

“One in three bites of food can be attributed to a pollinator”.   An overlooked ‘ecosystem service’, pollination, is essential to humanity. In Africa pollinators are primarily wild insects that travel between farms and natural habitat, and are extremely vulnerable to habitat loss and destruction.   Pollinators intimately link wild species with basic human livelihoods. […]

Ants on flowers…

Dear All, Hello – sorry for not posting more often. Have been sorting out getting online stuff. Hopefully this now works… Here are some photos of ants on flowers that I recently took. Many ants visit flowers, but they rarely serve as pollinators. Mostly they just steal small amounts of nectar, so they are effectively […]