Monthly Archives: March 2009

Paradise flycatcher!

Hello – this morning I discovered a pair of mating hawkmoths sheltering on leaf in the garden. Just as I was photographing them, the female lifted the male, who is attached to her, into the air. As she flew clumsily (I guess he was rather heavy), I waited for them to land again so that […]

Hungry visitor…

With the forest fires burning in different parts of Kenya and high winds blowing day and night, some unusual insects have been blown our way. This mantid arrived this evening and settled down near a light to feast on tiny moths and flies that were drawn there too!Thanks to everyone for the kinds comments! More […]

An overlooked marvel in miniature

As I was working on a longer post about bees (which I can’t get to upload on the slow connection) I felt this little creature brushing against my leg. After slaking its thirst with a small amount of blood, it settled on the edge of my desk. I couldn’t help but admire its exquisite structure, […]

A sign of rain?

Hello – many greetings and sorry for not posting more often – have been really busy and have limited access to the internet here. The plains grow hotter and dustier everyday and we hope that it rains soon. A few evenings ago I found a lovely shrub, the Maerua flowering at the edge of the […]