Monthly Archives: October 2008

More cute dung beetles…

Not so long ago on one of my early morning walks across the plains I came across a dung beetle sunning itself on the path. He was very obliging and allowed me to inspect him closely from a variety of angles. He also posed very smartly when I pulled out the camera and clicked away. […]

More on dung beetles

Hello – Many thanks to Faye and Paula for your kind comments. This post is in response to the question about dung beetle’s and why they have such fantastic ornaments on their heads. Firstly, much of the head structure serves a very practical purpose – the toothed, curved edges serve as an effective shovel with […]

Beautiful dung beetles

Hello – have a lot to say about the dung beetles, but in response to the widespread belief that they are not attractive (given their dietary predilictions)…Here are some sketches of a few East African dung beetles – I’m sure that you will agree that they are gorgeous. And yes, all of these feed on […]

Dung Beetle hard at work

Several people who look at this blog asked me why I chose the Dung Beetle as the symbol for the blog. It is also the logo for the Insect Committee of Nature Kenya – The East Africa Natural History Society… “Couldn’t you have picked a more glamorous, colourful or exciting insect?”… Several people have queried. Well, […]