Monthly Archives: October 2007

“Go to the ant….”

One of the most resonant quotes from the bible comes from King Solomon crying out to his people: “Go to the ant, you sluggard. Consider her ways, and be wise” (Book of Proverbs 6:6) I have recently been looking very closely at some of the most marvelous and industrious of all little creatures – ants. […]

A phantom in the forest

The flanks of the Kerio Valley are draped with forests strewn about plunging waterfalls and headstrong streams. Narrow tongues of forest snakes their way down the steep escarpments clinging to the courses of the rushing, life-giving streams. The forests along these water-courses are relatively tiny, yes, but incredibly rich in different kinds of birds, frogs, […]

The Giant Cupid

Some of nature’s most wonderful children are shy, elusive creatures. There are over eight hundred different kinds of butterfly in Kenya. Some of these like the gaudy swallowtails and emperors are heart-stoppingly gorgeous, with colours that simply take your breath away and have to be seen in the living creature, dancing in the sunlight, to […]

The double act

Another bright, sunny morning in the Kerio Valley – and still on the trail of the elusive Giant Cupid butterfly. I’ve been searching for caterpillars among the buds of various wildflowers. This year has seen incredible rains that have gone on and on, well beyond the normal ‘long rains’ that should have petered out in […]

Encounter with an Emperor!

It is an even hotter day than yesterday in the Kerio Valley. The sun beats down from a pure blue sky, a rare sight after weeks of daily thunderstorms. I have been searching diligently for ants’ nests. I am on the trail of a bizarre and wonderful butterfly, the Giant Cupid, that lives in a […]